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EOS stands for The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Sid Jashnani is a Professional EOS Implementer™ helping entrepreneurs to implement EOS in their business, so they can achieve what they want from their businesses

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Are you facing one or more of these problems in your business?

Lack of Control

You feel that you lack control over your business operations and see tons of mistakes being made by your people, but still can't fix the problem.

Not Enough Profit

You know that you are in the right business, but still not sure why you are not generating the profit that you envisioned.

People Issues

Your team has no or very little accountability and suffer from lack of execution even though they seem busy all the time.

No Growth

You feel as if you have hit a ceiling and your company is not growing despite the effort you are putting it.

Feeling of Being Stuck

You feel helpless and not sure where to start in the journey to grow and strengthen your business.

Nothing's Working

You've read bunch of business bestsellers, attended workshops and seminar, but still nothing is working.

Are you working "on" the business? or "in" the business

EOS Helps Leadership Teams Get Better at Vision, Traction and Healthy


Vision from the stand-point that you and your leadership team are 100% on the same page with where you are going and how you are going to get there.


Traction is about instilling discipline, focus and accountability in your team. So no matter where you go, your team is always executing on your vision.


Healthy means making you and your team more open, honest, cohesive and fun loving because most of the times your team is not there as yet.

EOS Strengthens Six Key Components™ of Your Business


Helping You Get What You Want Out of Your Business

About Sid Jashnani, Professional EOS Implementer™

After running several companies in 3 different countries simultaneously, I reached a breaking point. All my growing businesses ran into the same fundamental problems. I was always firefighting, buried under with constant people issues and stuff everywhere. In my pursuit to figure some semblance of a solution, I started reading business and management books – some spoke about strategy, some about processes and others about hiring A-team players. These books were great and motivational, but I found it difficult to distill what I needed from such bestsellers for my business. 

Being a part of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), I came across peers talking about a fantastic business book called – Traction by Gino Wickman. I read the book and found it full of simple tools and tactics that I could use immediately to put out some fires in my business. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, I absorbed tons of EOS® material and started self-implementing the model and processes in my business. I was amazed at the results and I did feel a sense of achievement and hope. Me and my team made decisions quickly, dealt with issues openly and honestly. Meetings were run efficiently and were a success. 

Few months later, I found myself in beautiful Sydney, Australia and under the tutelage of Daniel Davis, Certified EOS Implementer™ and Community Builder of EOS APAC, I went through an exhaustive EOS Implementer Bootcamp to become a Professional EOS Implementer™.

Since then, I continue to run my companies on EOS and devote my time to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. 

I want to help you to avoid the same mistakes I made and common issues that most companies struggle with every day and live a life full of opportunity and freedom.

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How Healthy Is Your Business?

Take the 5 minute Organisational Checkup™ Now And Get a Report Instantly