Easy peasy processes, Pinterest and pit bull terriers


Easy peasy processes, Pinterest and pit bull terriers

Lather, Rinse and Repeat
Pit bull Terriers have great physical and mental characteristics that make them excellent partners for responsible, active, and caring owners. They are also banned in more than 12 countries including the UK, Canada and parts of the US. More on pit bulls later in this email. In my experience of working with entrepreneurs implementing EOS®, “process” is generally a significant pain point and an area for concern. Some business owners take process to another level by documenting each and every step and building 1000 page SOP manuals, which usually sit nicely on Dropbox (with last accessed date 2 years ago) or sit somewhere on a shelf accumulating dust. Other business owners don’t document anything and expect employees to “learn” the processes as they “go along”. Some employees repeatedly make critical mistakes and eventually get fired for “not having common sense”. In the EOS Model – Process is one of the six key components which will help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses – so they are “on” the business and not “in” it. Every business has a set of core processes that need to be documented and followed by all. It’s not rocket science when I say that if we get these core processes done the right and best way every time, we will create consistency and scalability in our businesses. I have a set of core processes in my business for –
  • Marketing (how we generate demand)
  • Sales (how we close leads)
  • Operations (how we fulfill our contractual obligations)
  • HR (how we recruit, hire, fire, reward, onboard people)
  • Accounts (how we track flow of funds and maintain tax compliance)
  • Customer Success (how we take care of our customers)
This is my “Company Way” – the “Momentum Way” of doing things. Think of if you were to ever franchise your business, what would you need to train your new franchisee. After documenting these processes like simple checklists, next step is to train, measure and get compliance from everyone to follow these processes in the company. Rolling out processes in each department takes time, effort and consistent training. To be truly successful, in addition to the above, it requires grit to ensure compliance to the processes. What gets measured, gets done. Remember last week’s newsletter on business scorecards? If you want a simple process template on how to start documenting your processes, do send me an email and I will share the EOS template.

Interesting Articles

On My Reading List This Week

Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything: BJ Fogg

This quote was enough for me to go buy the book – “On the subject of behavioural design, there is no one on earth who could author a more informative and anticipated book than BJ Fogg”, Robert Cialdini, author of ‘Persuasion’

Pit bull terriers are dangerous and banned in countries including the UK. While they can be trained, the problem happens when they are neglected and bred for the wrong reasons.

In the video, this guy barely makes it without getting seriously injured by the pit bull. His survival instinct kicks in and he saves himself by making a massive leap to climb the metal gate and jumping over to the other side.

Ever wondered how to get this “survival instinct” in your business and people? More on this next week. Till then….

Stay Focussed

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